The Cotton Panty Club Crew

About Us

It all started with three friends, a night out, granny panties, and a drag queen…


If you are:

  • Someone looking for funny, sometimes embarrassing stories to read,

  • Someone who appreciates how laughter is the spice of life,

  • Someone who has had their fair share of shenanigans, 

  • Someone who has/wants a tight-knit group of friends, or

  • Someone with a funny story (or two) to share

Then you will like The Cotton Panty Club!


This blog is from me, The Nerdy Professor, and my close friends who have been through it all. I am dedicated to sharing our funny stories that will make you laugh, cute stories of friendship, stories for women, humorous stories. All of these stories are based on real-life events and how they bonded us together. Our tales revolve around friendship, parenthood, life, work, and relationships. We’re just funny women telling funny stories that united us in laughter.


Our group formed many years ago when my dress ripped at a drag show. Upon seeing my huge granny panties on display, the drag queen called us the Cotton Panty Girls (after pulling me on stage, of course!). From that day forward, we were the Cotton Panty Club. 

However, it hasn’t always been fun stories. I traveled for two years searching for the best medical care for my daughter, living hospital-to-hospital. Searching for some light in the dark, I decided to find ways to make income online while being a full-time caregiver. Luckily, I had my girls backing me up, and thus, this blog was born! All proceeds from sharing these embarrassing moments go towards my daughter’s medical treatment and the Ronald McDonald House Charity (we are deeply grateful for them).


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Karrie-Ann was a professor at the University of Notre Dame, the University of Miami, and The Ohio State University before retiring from academia and opening a consulting company for nerdy uranium research. Follow her nerd page where she covers various hilarious research around the globe. 

In addition to her nerdy adventures, she is a glass artist, a blogger, and member of a distillery in New Orleans. She spends her time between New Orleans and Austin. 

Our Profits

This entire project was created to assist in the travel and medical expenses associated with Karrie-Ann's daughter. We are eternally grateful for every member, every view, and every comment. Thank you. 


Profits also benefit the Ronald McDonald House charity associated with Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago.