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"I can't stop watching my own video! Everyone should try this."

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Do you have a story to share with the world? This is your chance! Not only can you share with the group, but we will share your story in blog form, as a fun podcast, or create an animated character based on yourself and we will make your story into a feature video. You can be as anonymous or as involved as you wish. You tell us your story. We do all the work! This is a great item to gift to someone you know that has great stories to share!

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Personalized Video

Your Story into Video

Our creative team will interview you so you can tell your story. They will then edit and script characters. The voiceover team will do their magic and then our animation team will create your own animated character. From there we create a full-length video of your story to feature on our website, social media, and youtube. Option to also appear in the book included.

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Personalized Book

Your story in Print

Share your story, quote, or inspirational message via email or phone and we will create a personalized page in our book. You can submit photos and images to include. Our creative team will submit the proof for approval. Option to remain anonymous should you prefer.  



Personalized Blog

Your Story into a Blog

Tell our creative team your story by email or phone and we will do all the rest. Your story will be edited, formatted, and transformed into a blog feature. Option for audio story available (contact us for pricing, usually an additional $20-30 depending on the length). You can add any photos or images, and even remain anonymous if you wish.



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